Dedicated CrossFit Radio Channel

CrossFit Radio is about a radio station that only speaks about fitness, and the sport it speaks about is CrossFit, a sport which covers every level of training you can think of as with CrossFit you work every part of the body which is unlike any other fitness training. By creating a radio station we feel it can reach more people as well as it can encourage new people to try CrossFit, the goal is for both beginners and advanced people to come to our gym in London and to join our class and see why so many people have nothing but good things to say about us.

Radio is a great way to get news not just the local news but on the radio, you can get news related to just about everything. Our goal is to try to create a radio station which is fixed on CrossFit training and to get as many people who participate in CrossFit to come on CrossFit Radio and speak about their experience in doing CrossFit training, we’d like to ask them what would they like to see added, we’d like to ask them what things do they like doing most of all in CrossFit, we’d also like to ask them what would they like to see a change in Crossfit. Being the master of consuming such information and then being able to diagnose it would allow us to have one of the most unique Gym’s, not just in London, but on the planet earth! This is our goal and one which we intend to work towards.

Working on building a dedicated CrossFit Radio channel is something which we’ve been considering for a long time, we feel if do create a CrossFit radio station it will be something which is very unique, we also feel it would help to encourage trainers to feel we have a good way about bringing them out into the open and making people aware of them, allow them to listen to what they have to say, and from this deduce if they would like them to be their personal trainer, or if they feel the instructor could be a person who they could learn something from.